Puerto Princesa: Chicken and Beaches

Puerto Princesa is the capital of the island of Palawan in the Philippines.  Many visitors choose Boracay when they visit the Philippine Islands, but we decided on Palawan because it is quieter and less inundated by tourists.  Where there are more tourists, there are higher prices for everything from transport to food to accommodation... and thus, that much more need for the strategic skill of haggling, which I have yet to master.

Hello Palawan

Puerto Princesa Airport
After sleeping off the exhaustion from the red eye flights, we decided to visit a beach recommended by locals.  Pristine Beach (also known as White Beach) was nearby and the pictures boasted fine white sand and clear blue waters on the brochures.  We hopped on the first tricycle we saw and headed out.

Inside the tricycle
However, it had rained earlier that morning and there was a full moon the night before so Pristine Beach looked a bit different when we got there...

The tricycle took us through the muddy path to the beach
It was a cloudy day and the high tide from the full moon made the beach very wet...

View of Pristine Beach from the sea.  Local teenage boys were fishing out of a boat and then showcasing and selling their catches to visitors eating in the huts.  Pick a fish and they'll clean & BBQ it for ya :) 

 Nonetheless, it didn't stop us from frolicking in the water and meeting a nice Spaniard family vacationing. 

Later that evening, we enjoyed the famous Haim's Chicken Inato (Barbecued chicken). 

Everyone knows Haim's!
Spicy Chicken Inato. I could eat a lot of these.

 Next Stop: El Nido


  1. Everyone but me knows haim! :(

  2. If it's any consolation, we just happened upon it because it was next door to the hotel!