Halloween in Tainan

Just this past Sunday, I experienced my first Halloween abroad.  I'd heard that Halloween is not widely celebrated in Taiwan and so expected it would quietly pass without commotion.  Apparently, while Halloween isn't as big here as it is in the States, Tainan has its own celebration - a much more wholesome, family-oriented celebration.  Since Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, the city held a Halloween street fair on the Sunday before (maybe so that they wouldn't have to shut down a street and interfere with traffic on a work night).  Here's a reel of the activities that day...

Budweiser Girl

A kid and his dad put on a song + dance show for the Street Fair

And now, costumes!
Ninja with a gun... possibly a video game character?
Cat girl?  (There are actually anime "Catgirls")

Photo from Wikia
Dante from Devil May Cry (see right)

another anime character..

Ace from One Piece (a popular Manga; see below).   Not too shabby!
Photo courtesy of Wallmay

A duck! Probably the Yellow Duck exhibit that was in Kao Hsiung for a while. 

A food truck; they were selling fries. 
For some reason, the Halloween Street Fair was combined with an auto show; there were a lot of motorcycles and cars on display on University Street and also on the campus.
Old Skool Harleys

Harley FatBoy

Wind-up VW Beetle
VW Beetle with a Sardine can style roof

Domo-Kun van

Purple Caddie
For some reason, this car makes me miss Christina...

Oh my, so much empty space in the hood!  I think this was an old Datsun...

The Rolls had a crowd around it for hours...

Safety in numbers! and in broad daylight!
I only saw some kids and their adults in this giraffe herd trick-or-treating around 5 p.m.  Most people live in secured apartments around here, so the kids don't go door-to-door for candy, but instead go trick-or-treating along the rows of restaurants.  I saw this Italian place giving out chocolate-covered pretzels.  Poor kids.  Pocky Sticks are much better (the Asian version of those pretzels).

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


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